Bedford Bee Honeybee Service is located in Bedford, NY (northern Westchester County) which is about an hour north of New York City. We began our service in 2007 as a response to a honey bee die off called colony collapse disorder.

We provide a variety of services for those interested in supporting honey bees. Check out the Our Services for a more detailed explanation of the services we offer.

A mutually beneficial relationship between honey bees and humans has existed for thousands of years. We have taken much from the bees—honey and pollen for nutrition, pollination for our plants, wax for light and water proofing, royal jelly and propolis for health.

Unfortunately, the mutual nature of this relationship has become out of balance. We as humans have been putting ever increasing pressure on honey bees—not only honey bees but all living organisms. Exposure to man made toxins, significant changes in ecosystems that bees need to survive, long distance shipping and transporting of bee diseases and pests, and genetic modification of plants have all had an impact on honey bee health.

Many people have also developed a fear of honey bees. They have also gotten a bit of a bad reputation by being associated with more aggressive types of wasps (yellow jackets, etc), the media portraying honey bees as killers, and because many people do not realize the importance honey bees play in our lives. Honey bees do have to be respected, but with good planning and maintenance a home honeybee colony can be a thing of joy. There was a time in our countries history when nearly every household would have had bee hives.

We believe it is important to give back to the honey bees as much or more than we take from them. There are many great life lessons to be learned from observing a colony of honey bees over the course of a year. Supporting a local colony of honeybees is a great way to support the environment.

We are committed to raising locally adapted honey bees and helping others who are interested in doing so.