Bedford Bee Honeybee Service is operated by D. J. (Dennis John) Haverkamp (pronounced have – er – camp). The service began as a response to a honey bee die off called colony collapse disorder in 2007.

D. J. is a native of the Midwest having enjoyed his formative years on a dairy farm in Kansas. He earned a degree in horticulture from Kansas State University and has worked in this industry in a variety of capacities; including parks and recreation, ornamental landscape, and greenhouse operations. Past employers have included the Marriot Hotel Corporation, Columbia University, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

D. J. has been involved with beekeeping for the past 15 years and has fond memories of his families ‘bee‘ tree from his youth. He is a member of the Backyard Beekeepers Association, the Eastern Apicultural Society and is currently working to earn his Master Beekeeper certification from the Dyce Laboratory for Honeybee Studies at Cornell University.

D. J. has a variety of other interests, some of which include sailing, horseback riding, horticulture and vegetable gardening, ballroom and country dance, local theater, and community service.