Stone Barns Center Schedule
Tuesday 6:00 – 8:00P

3/20 Introduction / Safety – Beekeeping Overview
3/27 Equipment / Types of hives
4/3 Equipment building (Optional)
>4/17 Beekeeping resources / Package installations
4/25 Package installation / pick up Date & time subject to change dependent package bee delivery date
5/1 Understanding Colony Collapse Disorder
5/8 Honey bee life cycle
5/22 Honey bee reproduction / Swarm control & capture
6/5 Honey bee diseases
6/19 Colony manipulations, splits, & requeening
7/10 Honey & honey harvesting
7/24 Varroa mite
8/7 Small hive beetle
8/21 Dealing w/ mean bees / Stings
9/11 Honeybee nutrition / feeding
10/2 Wax moth
10/16 Moving hives / winter preparation Graduation

Beekeeping School 2018

We are very excited to be partnering with the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture for this year’s beekeeping school. This is the 8th year the Beekeeping School is being offered.

The Beekeeping School is consists of a series of 16 - 2 hour training sessions. Each session consists of an hour long lecture pertaining to one particular aspect of beekeeping followed by a one hour practice session working with live bees in an apiary set up by the students.

The schedule and list of topics covered is at the left. The school is intended to help participants learn the basic information needed to make good decisions regarding the care and maintenance of a honey bee colony. Participants will follow the lives of several colonies of honey bees over the course of one growing season.

We believe the only way to learn the craft and skills needed for keeping honey bees is by practicing over a period of time with live bees. Beekeeping is a skill that is built on knowledge that is gained from experience over an extended period of time.

Protective equipment consisting of a hooded bee jacket, leather gloves, and smokers and hive tools will be provided for all participants. If a participant is more comfortable in their own safety gear they are free to bring their own. The use of bee jacket is required during the apiary sessions.

In the past the school has been offered in two different locations - one meeting in the evening after work hours and one meeting on the weekend. The exact same series was taught at both locations.

This year the school is being held just at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY on Tuesday evenings. This is being done to allow us time to video tape and edit the training sessions. Our goal is to have a video version of all 16 sessions available for students to be able to review of watch should they have to miss a session.

The cost for the 16 sessions is $240.

To enroll for the school at Stone Barns click here.

For those interested in learning the basic skills of beekeeping this is an excellent way to begin developing your skills. For additional information about the beekeeping school call 914-232-7173.