Wish List

  • Microscope and lab equipment
  • Stereo scope
  • Computer monitor
  • 20’ x 30’ canvas meeting tent
  • Educational supplies
  • Research books for our library
  • Copier/printer for educational material
  • Beekeeping supplies
  • High resolution camera
  • Power Point projector

One of the goals of the Bedford Bee Honeybee Service is to demonstrate that it is possible to nurture honey bees in a locally sustainable fashion.

Currently most honey bees are “raised” in large industrial bee farms in the southern part of the United States. Honey bees are also being imported into the United States from other countries.

In the spring these bees are then shipped throughout the country in screened containers called packages. Although this is probably the “easiest” way of producing honey bees, we believe it is probably not the best way.

We believe that it is possible to maintain honey bees that have adapted to there own particular area. It is our goal to establish a model for how this can be done. To this end we are experimenting with a variety of techniques and models for how best to achieve this.

After we cover the costs of the services we sell, any additional monies that we earn are used to support this research.

If you would be willing to help us in our efforts we would be most grateful.

Ways to Contribute

How you can help

Contribute things — We have compiled a “wish list” of things we could use. We’ll post things on the list as needs arise. If you have a resource that you don’t need that you think we might be able to use let us know.

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Contribute knowledge — We are learning new things every day, and one of those things is just how much there is to know. Take a moment and consider if you know about something that you could share with us that would help us accomplish our goal. Perhaps it’s the name of a foundation that makes grants, perhaps it’s the name of an individual that would be willing to support us, perhaps its an idea that you have that might be helpful. We’d love to know your ideas.

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Contribute your time — There’s an old saying that goes “many hands make light work”. There are times when we could you a hand actually doing things (things like bottling honey, building hives, preparing educational hand outs, etc). Let us know if you’d be interested in lending a hand.

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Contribute money — Beekeeping equipment can be expensive. The cost for 30 hive set ups is roughly $6,000. Things like gas for the truck and paying our helpers all add up. A cash donation is always helpful. We can also apply a cash donation toward purchasing something on our wish list. If you’re like us and you feel that we have “taken” from the bees for to long time and that it is time for us to give back, then this is your opportunity. We’ll use your donation in our efforts to give back to the honey bees.

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Contribute your photos — We are always looking for new visual aids to use with our educational presentations. If you would like to share pictures of things related to bees and beekeeping we would love to see them. Going on a trip to a foreign land? - snap us a photo of a beekeeping technique that you find interesting. Please submit photos as email attachments with a little information about your pictures.

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Contribute books - We are always on the look out for books to add to our library. We use the books in our library as reference material when preparing educational materials. We are also inspired to try new ideas based on the writings from beekeeping authors. Feel free to mail us a book at our mailing address. If you’d like to buy us a book, please contact us for a title on our wish list or send a cash donation. Any books that we receive as duplicate titles are passed on to the students in our beekeeping school.

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Contribute used equipment - On occasion we learn of individuals in our area who we’re beekeepers at one point but are no longer practicing beekeeping. This can happen for a lot of different reasons. When this happens their beekeeping equipment often languishes and takes up space in sheds, garages, and basements. If you have beekeeping equipment that you are no longer using and would like to find it a good home, please let us know. Not all equipment is salvageable and the practice of reusing equipment carries the risk of spreading disease, If you are in the general Westchester County, NY area and have used equipment that you would like to get rid of, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Any used equipment that we receive that is usable will be passed on the students in our beekeeping school.

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Underwrite a school visit - We believe in the importance of working with young people to educate them about the importance and value of honey bees. We try to tailor our visits so that we can work with as many students as possible during our visit. We also try to work with the teachers to build our presentation around topics that reinforce the curriculum that is being studied. When the weather allows we like to bring a glass walled observation hive to the school so the students can gat a close up view of the bees in action. Because a school visit can take a half a day of time, we are forced to ask for a small honorarium to cover our costs. Please contact us if you would be interested in helping cover the fee for a school with a limited budget. The bees and the students will thank you for your help.

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Contribute honey or a honey recipe - Starting in the summer of 2012 we hope to offer a honey bee ‘tea party’ service. We think this will be a fun way to educate young and old alike during the summer months. As a part of our party we hope to offer honey tastings. We are currently in the process of collecting different varietal honeys and honey recipes from around the world. If you have access to a varietal honey from other parts of the world that you would like to share with us we would be very grateful. While our focus is about producing local honey and local bees, we are still interested in sharing the world of beekeeping with others on a broader scale. If you are a beekeeper (or know a beekeeper you would like to pass this on to) from another area and you would like to trade for some of our Hudson Valley honey we would love the opportunity to make a swap. Please feel free to send us a honey sample to our mailing address. (Be sure to tell us where it came from and what type of honey it is)

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