One of our missions is to nurture and raise locally adapted honey bees.

Package Bees

      Available April 25th, 2015

Nucleus Colonies

     Available May 23rd, 2015


      Check with us for       availability

Packaging honey bees is a low cost way of transporting a queen and several thousand worker bees from one location to another. The queen bee is enclosed in a special cage inside a screened wooden box with several thousand worker bees and a can of sugar syrup. This technique has been traditionally used to move honey bees raised during winter months in warm southern tier states to northern tier states in early spring.

While we believe using locally raised and overwintered bees is preferred, we are not able to produce enough to supply the demand. Most of the bees we raise are being used in our hive maintenance and set up service.


For spring of 2015 to help meet the demand for bees from local beekeepers we have made arrangements to provide package bees. 

The bees that we are providing this year are the Carniolan race of honey bees.  The bees are being procured from northern California.  

The cost will be $125 per package. 

The tentative plan is for the packages to arrive late on Saturday April 25th with pick up on Sunday April 26th in Katonah, NY.  We realize this is Easter weekend and that pick up scheduling may be tricky.  You will be able to pick up package orders on Sunday 4/26, Monday 4/27, or Tuesday 4/28.  Pick up coordination will be done once we know exact arrival times.  There is no guarantee that the packages will arrive on 4/26. The exact delivery date is variable dependent on conditions in California. We ask that you be understanding regarding the delivery date as we have no control over our supplier. You will be notified regarding exact dates the last week of April.

We ask a $75 deposit to reserve a package.  Please contact us directly at 914-232-7173 to confirm packages are still available and to be added to the list.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or electronically via Square Cash or PayPal.

In addition we will have some 5 frame nucleus colonies (nucs) available in late May. The cost for the nucs will be $150.  The number that will be available will depend how well the bees survive the winter. 

Toward the middle or the end of May we should also have locally raised queens available. The cost will be $25.

Please contact us by phone (914-232-7173) or email for more information or to place an order.