One aspect of our mission is to help educate the general public about the importance and value of honey bees.

Unfortunately, over the years the public at large has developed a fear of the honey bee. If you check the local Westchester County yellow pages under ‘Beekeeping’ the only listings are for exterminating companies.

We believe it is important to work to reverse this trend and to help increase awareness of the value of honey bees.

To do this we have developed a series of public talks for garden clubs, nature centers, civic organizations, corporate groups, and church groups.

Our talks use Power Point slide photographs and physical display items related to the topic. Talks can be tailored to the groups interests and time constraints.

In most cases we feel and honorarium is appropriate. Funds we receive from our public talks are used to help us fund our research projects. Should your organization be unable to afford a donation to our cause we have received underwriting support for these efforts, that we may be able to apply to your organization. We believe sharing the information about the importance of honey bees is the most important thing.

Please contact us for details.

Here is a list of some of the talks we have given in the past

  • Introduction to Beekeeping
  • Getting Started in Beekeeping
  • Bee Supporting Plants for your Garden
  • Honey and it’s Health Benefits
  • Bees, Wasps, and Other Stinging Insects
  • The History of Beekeeping
  • Colony Collapse Disorder - What Is It?
  • How to do Backyard Beekeeping
  • Killer Bees - Africanized Honey Bees