One aspect of our mission is to help educate the general public about the importance and value of honey bees.

We believe in the importance of helping young people learn to appreciate the importance of honey bees.

We believe there is a difference between learning to respect and value honey bees and fearing them.

Many children have learned to fear honey bees. We believe there is a balance between respecting the value and wonder of honey bees and the risks associated with the possibility of a sting.  Almost every child we meet has a sting story to share with us.

It is our goal to help children learn these qualities.

To do this we have developed a series of honey bee related programs which tie into curriculum at all levels of schooling from K to 12.

  • For the younger kids we use the bees to help teach fundamentals like colors, shapes, body parts, counting, and social skills.
  • For intermediate kids we have programs in math calculations, plant pollination, and geography.
  • For junior high kids we have programs in history, geometry, art, and insect biology.
  • For senior high students we have programs associated with chemistry, genetics, statistics, and business.

Depending on the age of the students we use puppets, story books, visual aids, physical display items, and Power Point slide photographs to demonstrate and reinforce concepts related to the topic.

We have done several successful programs bringing live bees into the classroom, using a seal glass walled observation hive.  This allows students to get a close up look at the bees in a very safe and protected manner.  Because honey bees are temperature sensitive, we are limited as to the time of the year that we are able to use live bees for demonstration purposes.  Between April 20 and October 15 work best.

We work with teachers to develop programs that reinforce specific curriculum.  Talks can be tailored to the group’s interests and time constraints. 

In most cases we feel an honorarium is appropriate.  Should your school be unable to afford a donation to our cause we have received underwriting support for these efforts, that we may be able to apply to your organization.  We believe sharing the information about the importance of honey bees is the most important thing. 

If you are a teacher or school administrator please feel free to contact us for details and to discuss options.